Casino Loyalty Schemes

Casino loyalty schemes are, as you might have guessed, schemes that are run by online casinos to reward players for their loyalty. They aren't the be-all and end-all of casinos by any means, but if you are torn between two very similar casinos and one offers a loyalty scheme whilst the other one doesn't, or one offers a better loyalty scheme than the other, this information may help to sway your decision.

Loyalty schemes (sometimes referred to as VIP clubs) usually work by giving players "Comp Points" for every £10 they spend at the online casino, regardless of whether they win or lose. These points can then be collected and redeemed at some point in the future. However, you should note that not all schemes work in the same way. Be sure to take a look at the following features of any scheme so that you can decide how valuable it will be to you.

Rewards: The points that are awarded by online casino loyalty schemes are only worth as much as the rewards that they can be exchanged for. Some schemes allow you to swap your points for cash to spend in the casino. Others allow you to swap your points for prizes. And still others let you use your points to enter prize draws.

Cost of Points: Look at the loyalty schemes of several casinos and compare the points awarded for every £10 you spend at your favourite game. If one casino's scheme will reward you five times as many points as another for playing your favourite game then in this respect it is clear which scheme is most suitable for you.

Expiration: Some casino loyalty scheme points have to be redeemed before certain date, and this obviously means that you can't collect points indefinitely. If you only want to redeem points for cash then expiration dates aren't a problem - you can simply collect points and then redeem them before they expire. But if you want to collect points for a particular prize having an expiration date could make things tricky - especially if the number of points required is especially large.

Benefits: At some online casinos, loyalty schemes give players additional benefits, such as higher table limits, access to additional games, extra game features and so on. Again, you should look at the various benefits available and decide which, if any, are most important to you.

An ideal online casino loyalty scheme will be one that suits you in several ways: one that rewards you for playing your favourite game and also allows you to redeem your points for benefits you would genuinely like to have. Find a casino you love with a loyalty scheme that also fits you like a glove and you'll be in online casino heaven!

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