Betting Limits

Most online casinos have strict limits on the size of the bets they will accept. Limits often vary from table to table, and the tables with the lowest minimum stakes generally have the lowest maximum stakes as well. Whilst some players view such casino and table limits as a bad thing (because they restrict the amount of money that they can bet on any given spin of the wheel or hand of cards) they can actually help us, because they force us to exercise more self-discipline in the way we approach the task of winning.

For example, if we know that the maximum stake at a roulette wheel is £500 on any given even money shot, and we intend to use a staking plan that has a maximum stake of 10 points, we can use that enforced limit to resolve to bet with points no larger than £50 each. This would make our staking plan workable at the table and prevent us from starting with larger stakes and getting into difficulties if we don’t win before we reach the maximum stake allowed.

Even if the table limits at a particular casino are way beyond your usual level of betting, it can be a very good idea to set your own maximums. This is an important money management skill, and one that the most serious casino bettors have learned to rely on as a matter of course.

One very well thought out approach is to divide your available bankroll into ten or twenty and then set that lower amount as your session limit for a particular day. For example, if you have a bankroll of £600, you could divide that by ten and choose to limit your daily casino betting outlay to £60. This would effectively give you enough money to play for ten days straight without winning a penny. It also encourages you to find the most productive ways of using each 10% “slice” of the bankroll in the hope of actually making a profit.

Another consideration concerning limits and staking relates to progressive jackpots that you may have the potential to win. Many progressive jackpots only pay the full amount of the jackpot to a winner who is playing with the maximum stake. This is something that you should take into account when choosing your own limits and also the progressive jackpot games that you elect to play.

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