About Us

Sterling Casinos is a totally independent organisation that exists for the express purpose of providing genuinely useful reviews and information about online casinos that allow players to bet in pounds sterling.

Some casino sites that feature reviews go out of their way to be complimentary because they are somehow associated with the casinos they write about. In contrast, all Sterling Casino reviews are written by a team of objective researchers who aren’t afraid to point out the weaknesses of the sites they visit. This allows us to point out both the positives and, where applicable, the negatives of all the sites that we discuss.

Our aim here at Sterling Casinos is to provide objective reviews only so that you, the player, have a better idea of what to expect from an online casino before you visit. The reviews are also meant to be a good way of helping you to identify the casinos that consistently outperform the competition in the areas that are most important to the average player. This enables you to quickly find the type of casino that offers what you are looking for, and saves potentially hours of time and frustration.

With over two decades of publishing experience, the Sterling Casinos team is committed to providing the most reliable and up to date online casino information you need to make informed gaming decisions, so bookmark us now and visit us often.