With credit card cloning and identity theft making the headlines of newspapers and television new bulletins on a weekly basis, it is important that everyone who shops or otherwise spends money using plastic takes the time to think carefully about the issue of security. Whilst using a credit or debit card online is generally a lot safer than reading the number to someone over the phone, it is still prudent to take every precaution you can to ensure the protection of your personal data. Here are some useful tips to help you do just that:

  • Always check to make sure that the online casino you use encrypts your sensitive data and transmits it securely. All sites reviewed here at Sterling Casinos meet this essential criteria, but if you are playing at a site that we have not reviewed then you will need to do your own homework on this. If in any doubt, contact the customer support team of the casino you are considering and ask them what security measures they employ to keep your information safe.

  • Install a firewall and anti-virus application on your personal computer if you don’t already have these installed. They will help to protect you from malicious code that could potentially jeopardise your information.

  • Never reveal your password to anyone else, as this might enable them to play at the same online casino using your account, especially if they already know your username. Note that your PC may automatically remember your password by default, so if your machine will be accessed by anyone else you should adjust this setting so that the password needs to be entered every time you play.

  • If you play at an instant casino (one that is played in a standard web browser) on someone else’s computer, be sure to log out before you come away from the machine, otherwise it may be possible for the casino to be re-launched and played.

None of these tips are difficult to implement, but they will all help to keep your information – and your money – as safe and secure as possible.